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ambition is priceless it’s something that’s in your veins“.

walle : ambition

Greetings . My name is Mashandaishe Kogah and this is my very first blog .as the tittle suggests ,this blog is about passion and ambition .i am a 24 year old male who has just finished his major in accounting and recently got employed in a financial institution. i am grateful for my job. Jobs don’t come easily in my country. The economy is as bad as game of thrones season 8. if you are not a game of thrones fan , i fear there is no comparison i can give to express the reality of the country in which i am based.

you are probably wondering why i would write about ambition considering the valarmorghulis of a country that i live in. well ,opportunities happen to be everywhere ,you need only to know what it looks like. “what you have never seen or heard of does not exists in your reality “: yours truly .yep .i just quoted my self ,you should try it ,its fun.

i probably do not know who you are or why you are reading this ,but i sincerely hope it will add value to your life and give you some insight into your desired end.I also do not have all the answers ( yes , i don’t live in a wonderful lamp)in pursuit of my own ambitions i anticipate learning a lot and gaining experience which i intend to share with you.i also expect some comments from you so that i also get to learn .
i am not going to give you ten easy steps to achieving your dreams for there is no such thing. what i can promise is excitement through the hours and hours of hard work (emphasis on hours).

this is an introduction to my blog. i am hoping to embark on a long journey with you.and i hope as i achieve my dreams you will achieve yours.i will tackle one aspect after the other for example books to read ,relationships ,shows to watch. recommendations are welcome as well.
i am planning on posting on specific days ,your opinions are welcome as to how often your want me to bother you with valuable knowledge.

until next time.

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